Four Years in the Fort

I went for a walk around the neighborhood this morning.  Actually, my walks generally take me through the two neighborhoods that border ours to the east and to the west.  As I walked through the neighborhood on the east, I noticed that a family is moving in.  “How appropriate,” I smiled to myself.

Today marks four years since we moved to Fort Wayne, you see. 

When I try to think back to all of our interstate moves – Indiana to Arizona, Arizona to Virginia, Virginia to Kentucky, Kentucky to Indiana – it is hard to decide which move was more fundamental or foundational for our family.  I think we learned important lessons each place we have lived.  In Arizona, Michael and I learned how to be a couple on our own, and we learned that we are stronger than we think.  In Virginia, we learned how to budget in a massive way.  In Kentucky, we learned that friends are sometimes as close as family.

I’m not sure what we have learned yet in Indiana.  With all of the other moves, I have the benefit of hindsight.  I don’t yet have much hindsight about Indiana.  This last year feels in some ways just like the other years, but in some ways totally different.

In our fourth year in Fort Wayne, we sat through Covid-19.  The girls did remote learning for the fall semester in 2020, and Michael worked exclusively from home.  I guess we learned that we can share space as a family without coming to blows on a daily basis.

In our fourth year, we did some traveling.  We went to Gatlinburg for spring break, and we went to Florida just a week ago.  The world is still out there, waiting to be explored.  Sometimes it requires masking up when you don’t feel like it, but we learned that we can follow rules with the best of them. 

In our fourth year, I changed jobs.   Twice.  We learned that we are resilient and can make decisions that need to be made for the good of people’s mental health.

In our fourth year, we refinanced our house.  Yesterday, to be exact.  We were reminded that we are adults and we do adult things, even when we feel like there should be some other more mature adult around to help us make decisions. 

I’m already looking into what year five will hold.  We will have children in junior high and in high school, which does not seem possible.  We will celebrate more birthdays, and another anniversary.  We will live in this house which Emma declared four years ago was NOT her home.

Home is where the family is, and home is where we are together.  Home is where you grow and learn.  There is no place I would rather be than home with my family. 

Cheers to another year at home in Fort Wayne.

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