Some days, I have a hard time focusing. Like today.

I got up late and did not want to start on homework right away.  I knew I could find other things to do.  I took a walk.  I went to the pharmacy to get a prescription.  I called and rescheduled an appointment.  I ate lunch.  I napped. 

Eventually I did work on homework, and I achieved what I set as a goal. But it took focus that I did not want to put forth.

As I typed my weekly reading reflection for class, I noticed that there is a small icon on the bottom of Word that simply says “Focus”. I laughed when I saw it because it seemed appropriate. Even my computer was telling me subtly to focus.

I don’t know what clicking the icon does, but I know it somehow changes some focus on the document.  I’m too chicken to try it, I can admit that. 

I wonder how often life is like that.  I think we all have the ability to change our focus and see things differently, or focus better, or whatever my “Focus” icon does.  But how often are we too scared to change that focus?  How often do we look for some other way to get things done without the focus that we need?

Lately, I have lost my focus on what is important.  I have changed jobs again, and I think that has thrown me off somewhat.  I have been thinking about changes in salaries and implications for what life looks like with less money.  I have been forgetting to look at the bigger picture, which is why I changed jobs (less stress) and the benefit it gives me (more time for grad school). 

My focus has been off in other ways as well.  I have not read my Bible since the end of 2020.  I have rarely prayed, except for when I told people I would for certain situations.  My focus has been on myself and my problems, rather than the bigger picture and what my faith used to look like and how I used to serve.  I am struggling with the idea of changing my focus there, and how to do it.

I think it is appropriate that today is not only the middle of the week, but the last day of June.  Tomorrow starts the second half of the week, and the second half of the year. 

May your find the focus you need for the second half of the week and the second half of the year.