April 5, 2021

After another short night, we had another early morning. We had a light breakfast at the cabin, said goodbye to Adam, and headed down into Gatlinburg.

The girls wanted to go horseback riding, so we went to the Sugarland Stables at the edge of the Smoky Mountain National Park. We three girls rode and Michael stayed behind to take pictures and people watch.

We lunched in Pigeon Forge at a Mexican place called Cielito Linda. It wasn’t too bad. It just wasn’t our regular place in Fort Wayne.

Back at the cabin, I did some homework for a while. The girls waded in the hot tub one last time, went for a hike with Michael, and then played down in the game room.

My parents stopped by briefly and sat a spell on the front porch. We chatted about what we had each done for the day, and we made plans for the rest of vacation.

At 7:00, we had tickets for the Titanic museum. The girls wandered on their own while Michael and I stayed with my parents. I think everyone enjoyed it.

It’s our last night in the cabin, and I’m sad. I always hate when vacations end.

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