April 4, 2021

Easter Sunday. It felt weird to not be in church.

We all went to the Apple Barn for breakfast. The ride there was fun because Adam was with us, and he just makes everything fun.

After breakfast we hung out at the cabin for a few hours. We have a game room downstairs, so the girls have plenty to do in addition to the hot tub and their devices.

While Adam napped, we decided to go to a place called Goats on the Roof. It’s pretty much what it sounds like. They have conveyor belts hook up to stationary bicycles, and you can peddle food up to goats that are…well, on the roof. They also have a mountain coaster that everyone wanted to ride, as well as ice cream that everyone wanted to eat.

Back at the cabin, we took apart the back of the SUV and finally rescued Emma’s lost Air Pod. She was happy, and Michael was relieved that it didn’t involve removing a seat.

My parents came over for dinner. Michael grilled burgers. We sat and talked, which was nice.

After dinner I had to do homework. Adam, Michael, and Sofia played a couple of rounds of Dutch Blitz before deciding that they needed a Taco Bell run. We later played one last game of Trivial Pursuit. It was a nail biter, but Michael eventually won.

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