Saying goodbye

I’ve said a lot of goodbyes in the last few years. I’ve said goodbye to houses. I’ve said goodbye to family members and friends. I’ve said goodbye to dreams and ambitions.

Today I said a new goodbye. I said goodbye to my job.

It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make in recent years. It’s because this was my decision, and many of the others were not.

Chaplaincy is the best job I have ever had, hands down. I loved the work, even when it was difficult. I loved the staff in the hospital. I loved my fellow chaplains. I loved my administration.

People change, though. I’ve changed over the last three years since I started this job. It was time.

My boss said we as humans tend to see job endings as a bad thing rather than a celebration. So tonight I am looking at the good sides.

For three years, I had amazing coworkers and amazing support through the hospital. I made friends the likes of which I didn’t think I would have again.

For three years, I saw God at work. It was often in difficult situations, but I went into everyone one of those situations knowing I wasn’t alone.

For three years, I grew as a person. I learned multitasking and time management. I learned I could rely on myself to make good calls, and I could call on others in a time of need.

So tonight, I celebrate. I celebrate three great years of work. I celebrate friendships and love. I celebrate God’s grace.

Thanks for the opportunities, Parkview. I’ll miss you.