The day between

Today is the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  As far as work goes, that means I get to do one of my favorite tasks: decorate the hospital chapel with flowers.  I’m not a designer, and on at least one occasion someone rearranged them for me.  But I enjoy the smell of the flowers, and I like the color they lend to the room.

I sometimes wonder about that Saturday 2,000-some years ago.  Jesus was dead, no doubt about it.  The soldiers at the cross made sure of that when they pierced his side with the spear.  He had been taken down from the cross and put into a tomb.

Now what?

That must have been the question on every disciples’ mind.  Their beloved leader was dead.  They were in hiding lest they be the next targets.  Now what?

It surely wasn’t the only question on their minds, though.  I imagine they mentally tossed around the last few years and the last few days, examining their time with Jesus from every angle.

What did it all mean?  What was the point?  What were the supposed to do next?  How could they move on from such an emotional journey?  Could they go back to their old lives?  Did they want to go back to their old lives?  Would life ever be the same again?

These are questions that get asked during times of grief.  Each time life leads us on a meaningful journey, the end of that journey spells loss.  It spells grief.  Maybe not on the same level that the disciples experienced, but grief nonetheless.  The death of a loved one.  The deterioration of a relationship.  The breakdown of society.

This is what I think the disciples did on that day between.  I think they asked the hard questions and looked for answers that wouldn’t yet come.  They didn’t know what lay ahead, but they tried to imagine.  And the scenes the imagined were grim.

We are in a day between, of sorts.  The world as we know it has shut down.  The life we know has come to a halt.  We think it will all get sorted out, but we have so many questions about what they will look like.  When will life return to normal?  Will it return to the same normal we knew?  What will we lose in the process?  Who will we lose?

If we can learn one thing from looking at the disciples on their day in between, it is that Easter Sunday was more glorious than anything they imagined.  Jesus did rise again.  He did return to them, even if only for a short time.  He set them on a new course that was bigger and more incredible than any of them could have imagined.

Our day between will end.  What comes next may not be what we think or what we want, but it will be meaningful.  Our Easter Sunday is coming.


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