Sidetracked — NY Day 3 (late)

Sometimes the best laid plans get sidetracked like a New York train. Like how I meant to write the Day 3 post last night while waiting to see Stomp. Then I meant to write it on the bus ride back to the hotel. Then I meant to write it this morning on the way in to the city. But I was captivated by sights and sounds and sleepiness, so none of them happened. Sidetracked.

Friday was Day 3 of our trip, which found us feeling patriotic at Ellis Island and then the Statue of Liberty. Well, I felt patriotic. Sofia was mostly bored.

Still, we spent about three hours between the two places. We started at Liberty State Park in New Jersey, then caught one ferry to Ellis Island, and second to Ms Liberty, and a third back to the state park. We learned that Emma, unfortunately, inherited my tendency toward seasickness.

We had a late lunch at the Panera near our hotel, then rested for about an hour before getting ready for our evening in the city. We had tickets for Stomp, so the plan was the take a bus into the city and then a subway to the theater, catching dinner before the show. That kind of worked. Traffic made what should have been a half hour bus ride take well more than an hour, and then figuring out the subway system took more time than we thought it would. What was supposed to be a sit-down dinner turned into a slice of pizza and two cups of Ben and Jerry’s to go. It was still delicious, just not what we’d planned on. Sidetracked.

Stomp was amazing. Each of the artists was so talented, and they performed together with brilliant precision. A couple of the performers served as comic relief as well, and those were Sofia’s favorites.

Getting back to the hotel was easier than getting into the city, and least that trip. The bus was pretty full, and the guy sitting right next to me popped open a can of beer and proceeded to drink it like it was no big deal. Maybe it’s okay to drink alcohol on the bus? I don’t know. Soon enough we were back at the hotel and slumbering soundly.

One thought on “Sidetracked — NY Day 3 (late)

  1. I’ve never commented on Diana’s blog before because this is her space, and her words have always stood on their own without my commentary. But this time, I want to add one experience that may stand out as completing the quintessential New York day. Yes, we saw the Statue of Liberty, a Broadway show, and large slices of pizza. Each was truly amazing in its own way. But on our way back to the hotel, we saw a real, live, full-sized subway rat. Just merrily hopping its brown self along down the platform as the doors closed and we pulled out. The rumors are true. This easily outweighed Bluie, our Chihuahua. Shorter legs, but longer and wider. Lovely shade of brown, could have passed for a groundhog. The girls were thrilled. I didn’t tell Diana until we were done because she is really not a fan of rats. I’ve always found mice and rodents kind of cute, but this pushed even my limits. Still, it will go in the memory bank as part of an amazing New York day.


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