Auto Bingo — NY Day 2

Last year when we went to Gatlinburg, I told you that we have a few traditions when we travel, like journaling and vacation cake. Well, auto bingo is another!

Michael and I have been playing auto bingo on road trips for years. We inherited one of the cards that I grew up with, and then we bought more. We’re pretty competitive about it: you have to fill the entire card in order to win. Sometimes the girls play with us, but never for very long.

Today was another travel day. We had breakfast and checked out of the hotel in the morning. After a few shenanigans to let off energy, we were on our way.

We drove through New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. For the girls, it felt interminable. At one point, they got mad that we wouldn’t let them watch another movie yet so they staged a rebellion from the backseat. They hung up a blanket as a divider. It was short-lived.

After sitting in construction traffic a few times, we finally arrived in East Rutherford, NJ. The girls are quite impressed with our hotel, which includes a full kitchen in our room. We can see the skyline from our room.

Tomorrow we’ll go into the city. Stay tuned!

One thought on “Auto Bingo — NY Day 2

  1. Letting the girls handle the suitcase trolley was a stroke of genius. I image some of the pre-driving shenanigans occurred then. 😂


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