My Third-Favorite Sweater

Today I am wearing my third-favorite sweater.

My husband thinks it is weird that I have a third-favorite sweater.  If you do too, it’s okay.  I’m not offended.  I actually didn’t even have a third-favorite sweater until about a month ago when one of my dearest friends gave it to me.  It had been her third-favorite sweater.

Michael and I have moved around quite a bit in our 16 years of marriage, and we’ve met a lot of people.  So far, Chris and Marissa are the one couple we know who are perhaps the most like us, and the one couple we are both pretty equally close to.  Marissa is one of my very best friends, and Chris is one of Michael’s best friends.  And actually, as far as guys go, Chris is also easily one of my best friends.  In all, we’re close.

They have moved around about as much as we have.  They started their marriage on their own, separated by multiple states from all of the friends and family they had, just like we did.  They moved progressively closer to home over the years, also like we have.  Like us, they have basically moved to consistently follow jobs for one of them in particular.  Again, like us.

Also like us, they felt a call to go into mission work.  Unlike us, their calling has worked out quickly.  Michael and I…well, our mission ideas are on hold indefinitely.  And that’s okay.  Really.

When Chris and Marissa decided they were definitely pursuing missions, they were hesitant to tell us, and did so with great sensitivity.  Knowing how upset we were when our plans fell apart, they didn’t want to cause us more pain.  We loved them all the more for that, but their worry was needless.  Our entire family is so excited for this new chapter in their lives, and we support them whole-heartedly.  The only downside to them leaving is, well, they are leaving.  But is also means we get to live vicariously through them for the next two years, and hopefully visit them in their new, exotic locale.

Today they are finally on their way.  I don’t know what time they awoke to make their 6:00 am flight, but I have been up praying for them since 4:19.  They’ll spend hours waiting in airports, hours flying, and hours driving to their new home.  They’ll be exhausted and emotional, but knowing them, they’ll also be gracious and grateful to everyone they meet along the way.  They are awesome like that.

So my dear Marissa, Chris, and Gideon, may God grant you safety in your travels today.  May He bless your faithfulness, your willingness to say yes time after time to everything He has asked of you.  Go boldly, knowing that God has prepared the way and that those who love you are prayerfully cheering you on.

I wear my third-favorite sweater for you.  #DovesGo.