Uncertain future

We are no longer planning to go to Spain. Without going into too much detail, issues arose with Michael’s job that have made the move to Spain next to impossible. Our timeline would have been thrown off by a year, and our fundraising would have been thrown off by an enormous amount. On top of that, Michael’s short term future with the company has been called into question. This all forced us to reevaluate and make a very difficult decision. Time will tell whether it was the right decision or not, but what’s done is done. Please know that this decision has been an emotionally and spiritually difficult one for both of us. 

Because of this, we’ve been thrust into very uncertain situations. Our future is uncertain due to Michael’s job. A relocation may be in our future, although when and where is uncertain. 

Our calling into mission work is uncertain. We felt so sure that God was calling us now. Maybe we’ve messed up by changing the plans. Maybe God just wanted our obedience for now and had no plans of sending us at this time. Maybe we’ll go sometime in the future. 

The support we have received has been surprising. We have felt rejected by people we expected to react graciously, and we have felt totally supported by people who we expected to react less than graciously. Most people have been truly wonderful about it all. Our gratitude for that is certain. 

In this time of uncertainty, the song “It Is Well” keeps coming up. We’ve sung it at church a number of times. My soul does not feel well right now.  Still, I want to believe that it is well. There will eventually be resolution to this all. There will be healing from the disappointment we feel. 

“Whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say, it is well, it is well with my soul.”

Peace to you, my friends.